Restaurant Recipes for Foodies

We have a passion for great, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

We’ve gathered some very inspirational restaurant recipes for foodies that we want to share with you, passing on great tips, tricks and cooking secrets. Whether you’re looking for something healthy¬†to cook our wish to try something new, our range of restaurant recipes for foodies is a great place to start. Use our recipes and tricks with your own home cooking and bring a touch of restaurant food to your dinner table.

Restaurant Recipes

We’ve picked some of the best recipes from fellow foodies and chefs for you to experiment with. Our restaurant recipes are ideal if you want to bring a touch of luxury to your home cooking with a variety of healthy, vegetarian a fine dining dishes. Find the style of cooking that best suits you. Take a look at our recipes archive to view all of our restaurant recipes.

Share Your Recipes

Do you have your own take on one of our restaurant recipes? Or have you created your own dish? You can now upload your best recipes and share them with others (and you never know, you may win a few prizes along the way!). We love to hear about people who share our passion for great food! Suggest a recipe and we will post the best ones to our recipe blog.


Our recipes give you a full list of what ingredients you’ll need, including exact measurements and volumes. Whether you’re cooking for one or for the whole family our quick recipes will give you step-by-step instructions. Take a look at the latest recipes below.

You can also read more about where we get our ingredients for our dishes. We only use the freshest ingredients in our restaurant from reliable, local suppliers. Find out more about our suppliers.

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